Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I belong to a north Indian agrarian state. Ours is a family basically engaged in agriculture, but I was an exception and went on to do higher studies. We have big farm land and do the agriculture our self. Because of outdoor activities all members in my family are well built above six feet in height and bodies to match. In our family apart from Father and ma we are two children, myself and my younger sister. My amma in addition to household chores takes care of our fields too along with my father.

Because of all the physical work my ammas figure is perfect, she has firm tight belly long sturdy legs, very big choochees and wide hips to match. By the time I started noticing my ammas feminine assets I was already nineteen years old and built like a bull. At that age I was too possessive about my amma and always thought about keeping her safe between my thighs. As north India is very hot during summers and our house being in the middle of fields with high boundary walls womenfolk in our house i.e. My amma was quite careless in the way they dressed during summers to avoid heat. My amma used to wear very thin cloths and dispensed away with brassieres and panties during summer. My ammas body is slightly on the heavier side and she wears her salwar and kameez very tight. My favorite pass time was to sit in the kitchen during summer afternoons when amma used to prepare lunch. Ammi in her tightest diaphanous dress used to sit in front of chulla (stove that uses wood as fuel) sweating profoundly. Her big boobs spilling out of low cut kameez after some time were quite visible through her kameez made wet due to sweat. I kept my eyes pealed to the streams of sweat that used to flow from her neck to the deep valley between her choochies. By this time her nipples used to start sticking out and I got full enjoyment of seeing my ammas boobs in their full glory. A first ammi used to admonish me for sitting in the heat but I used to say " Maa jab app itni garmi mein baith sakti hain hamare liey to main bhi appki garmi mein poora sath doonga". At this ammi used to smile and say " beta main to garam ho hi gai hoon mere saath too bhi garam ho jayaga". And after this the real show used to start. Amma would look at me affectionately and say " Dekh kitna paseena aa gaya hai" and saying this she would lift the corner of her kameez and show her flat slightly bulging tummy while fanning it with her kameez, during this time she would be sitting on a small wooden plank in peeing position with her feet wide apart. During all this time she would dextrally keep on making chappaties. I would be sitting in front of her looking exactly between her
thighs. After some time amma would take her hand back towards her chooter hold her salwar and pull it back so that in the front her salwar would fit snuggly over her swollen fuddi. My ammas choot was always plain without any hair. In this position her salwar would be stretched over her fuddi with a very clear notch in the middle. Within seconds sweat from her stomach would trickle down and the cloth fitting snugly over her choot would become transparent giving me full view of her hole. I would be looking fixedly at that spot. Now my amma's choot would start oozing russ. We both would be very excited by this time and would start conversation in double meanings. I am giving you some example- Maa would place a chapati on my plate and say " Beta dudh piagi". I would reply" Ha Maa agar tu pilaigi to puinga". Ma bolti “Chal tujhay dudh vi doongi”. Achanak my grandfather kuch lenay ka liya kitchen may ghus gaya to Mai dar gaya tha or bola “tu kaiya bola na chahata hai” My mother laughed and placed a tumbler full of milk. I took the tumbler in my hand. My mother stopped me and told "don't drink milk without aappam, (name of a food item and also used for the choot of a woman in double meaning dialogues) my son!"
These type of scenes were my staple food for fantasies during those years. At night I would sit in the bed with my big hard lund in my hand thinking about my amma and masturbate thinking about her choot. Anyway now let me come to the actual incident. It happned during the time when my Father (aged about 65 and my mother is just 40+ and my sister is just 1 year old) had to go out to purchase seeds and fertilizers for the farm. During such trips father would be gone for almost one month. This time when he had been gone for about five days i started noticing that maa started geting itchy day by day . In our farm I had seen cows in heat and I think maa was behaving in about same manner. It was around ninth day since my father had been away from home. My grandpa and grandma also went to see one of our relatives for two days.
A small field was left which needed plowing and I decided to do it that day. In the morning I told maa "Maa main voh chota khet jot ke aata hoon". Maa said "Beta abhi to bahut garmi hoti hai vahan koi bhi to nahi aata hai ajj kal to koi bhi kheton main nahi jaata hai poora veerana hogo na?" Then ammi suddenly stopped and went inside the kitchen. I also didnt pay any attention to anything and started preparing our tractor for the day. When I was about to leave for the fields maa called behind and said "Beta main dopahar ka khana le ke aaongi". I said "Thaik hai maa par dair mat karna".
I then went to the fields that was a really hot day. Our farmhouse is quite big and spread over a vast area. As father had gone out of town all laborers were also on leave and whole area was deserted. I went to the field which was a small plot of land in the middle of our farm and was surrounded from all sides with tall crop of bajra. I started the work in right earnest but was sweating within no time. There I was sitting in the middle of desolate place thinking that there is not a soul within kilometers nearby, I was feeling quite lonely and looked at my watch .It was 11.30 AM and I thought God how lonely it is , then it came to my mind that maa will be bringing lunch and suddenly at this thought a shiver went through my body. Involuntarily I looked all round me and I don't know why my lund slowly started stiffening. I looked all round myself and feeling goose pimples all over my body in full excitement I uttered "Maa teri choot." Hearing these words aloud from my own mouth I suddenly felt rush of adrenaline all over my body. All round it was totally desolate and i was getting my rush so I placed my hand on my lund over my pants and said " Maa aaj khet mein chudwa le apne bete se." Now I was getting fully excited and shouted "Maa aaj teri fuddi le ke aa mere paas or dekh maa aaj tera beta hath mein lund le ke baitha hai teray liya". Now I was fully excited. The thought of saying these vile words for my own ammi gave me shivers. The thought of my own ammas choot ki chedi was driving me nuts. I had not felt this much excitement ever in my life. My lund was tight upto the full limit. I wanted to take full advantage of this loneliness and talked to myself about the beauty of my ammas choot.
Hardly five minutes had passed that I saw at a distance the figure of my amma with a bag of lunch coming towards me. I started the tractor again and started my work. In about fifteen minutes maa was near me and above the noise of tractor shouted for me to stop. Out of guilt I was not able to look at her but I stopped the machine and walked towards her. Amma motioned me towards the lone tree at the corner of the field and we walked towards it. On reaching there maa turned towards me and said. "Beta tu kitna garam ho gaya hai. Dekh kaisa paseena aa gaya hai. Laa main tera paseen ponch doon. " Saying this she came near me and with her dupatta Cleaned my face of all the sweat and dust. Then we sat for Lunch. During lunch I could hardly look my maa in her face but I knew that she was watching me intensely. After lunch I washed my hands and started walking towards the tractor when maa suddenly called me from behind.
"Beta ek zaroori baat karni hai " I came and sat besides her more out of expectation than anything else. From the look of her face I could make out that she was nervous like hell. Suddenly she said "Beta bajara bada ho gaya hai koi chori to nahi karta." I said "Nahin maa ab kon lega ise." Maa said "Nahin koi bhi chori kar sakta hai tu dekh aas paas koi hai to nahin. Aisa kar tu pair pe char ja aur saab taraf dekh. " I climbed on the tree and looked around. As I knew it was fully deserted all round. I climbed down and stood in front of my amma and said "maa aas paas to koi bhi nahin hai ham doono bilkul akale hain." Maa lifted her eyes looked at me and said " Hum doono eakdam akale hain kya?" I nodded my head and then she said " sun na Tu eakbar mujhe bajre ke khet mein le chal" I started walking and she instructed me to to take her towards the field where the crop was tallest and maximum dense. I was coming right behind ma. As I entered the field we were shielded from outside openness and then she suddenly held my wrist and started pulling her towards inner reaches. Maa was wispering "Beta koi dekhega to nahin hame yaahan." I stopped at a suitable place and turned towards her and asked "Yahan kaon dekhega humen, dekhna to door koi hamari aawaz bhi nahin sun sakega. Bol tujhay kaya bolni hai ". Then she looked at me and said " Chal aab apne kapre utar ke nanga ho jaa." My face was suddenly flushed with red tint of embarrassment but I said nahi tu pahalay utar " Lakin ma boli “Nahin pahele tu aapna lund dikah". I placed my hand on my trousers zip and pulled it down. Then I put my hand inside my trousers and pulled my underwear down. Then I slowly took my hard swollen foot long lund(cock) out and took my ammi hand and placed it on my lund
and said " Le pakar meri lund or dekhley jo dekhni hai." The feel of my ammas hand on my lund was driving me nuts. She checked it carefully and after examining it for a minute she became satisfied and thora haskey boli ha mera kam ho jayaga.
Then I said “tu to mera dekh liya ab tu apni dekha”. Ma thorasa lajuk ho key dhiray se boli “tu kaya dikheyga bol”.Mai bola “kapray utha na mujhay teri chedi dekhna hai” Ma kuch nahi boli chup chap mu nichay karkey khari rahi” Mai bola “kaya hua dikha” Ma dhiray se boli “tu jhay dikhaya to pahelay”. Mai pucha kab? Ma lajse boli usdin khet may muttey huya kapray utha uthakey mera pura chedi tujhay dikha diya, to jhut mat bol. I then slowly started undressing my ammi. I held both the corners of her Kameez and lifted them she lifted her arms and I pulled her kameez over her head. Now she was standing in front of me in her bra and salwar. I put my hand over the string of her salwar and started pulling it. As the string untied I slowly pulled her loosened salwar to her ankles. Now she was standing in her bra and kachchi(desi panti) holding my lund in her hands. I placed my hands on her shoulders and asked "tujhe nangi kar doon? ". Maa did not reply but mujsay ankhay churatey huya nichay ki taraf dekhti rahi, hasti rahi or meri lund ko fondoll karti rahi. I encircled my arms around her and unhooked the hook of her bra. As her bra fell from her shoulders exposing her lovely boobs my maa pressed her body to mine to hide her nakedness. Seeing her intentions I whispered in her ears " choochi dikhane mein itna sarma rahi hai to tu apni choot kaisa marwaogi mere say?" She then gatehed some carriage. Now maa said " chal ab baaten mat kar, mere saath us kaam me lagja" I was enjoying my own excitement now and I knew that as long I talk with maa she would start loosing her shyness and will open out more because her shyness was temporary. It was she who took the chance of my father’s absence and insisted me to enter in this lonely khet. So I wispered in her ear, " Kaya kam karwaygi tu humsay? marwaige kaya?" Maa now replied boldly "itni door se marwane ke liey hi to aai hoon , bajare ke khet mein nangi khadi hoon tere saamane aur tu pooch raha hai ki marwaigee? Kab tu samajdar bonega ray?" I asked "kacchi utar doon kya teri" Ma boli nahi utaragi to lund kaha dalayga apni gand me. Chor mai utar leti hoon. Maa was by now totally exasperated, she stepped back pulled down her panties arranged her clothes like a bedsheet lay back on them bent her knees ,opened her legs wide apart and said "aur kuch kholun kya , ab dal jaldi se apna lund meri fuddi may. Teray sath chudai kay siva
mera or koi kam nahi hai kaya? Mai socha adha ghanta may kam nipta ke chala jaungi. Tujhay samjhaney mai adha ghanta lag gaya , Munni ko vhi dudh nahi pilai idhar anay ki jaldhi say. Burbak kahika" I stepped back and pulled down my pants and underwear. Then I stepped out of them and kneeled in front of my ammas choot. I was sitting on my knees in between her thighs. My big hard lund was jetting out of my thighs . My maa was looking intensely at my lund . I held my lund in my hand and slowly pulled the skin back exposing my thick swollen knob to my amma's intense gaze. Seeing my doubly swollen knob maa involuntarily widened her thighs to the full extent. Now in this intense heat both of us were loosing our control. Amma horsly wispered " ab dair mat kar apna lund mare andar kar de jaldi se pata nai koi kaha say a jayga, time kam hai hamaray pass". I held my lund in my hand placed the knob directly over my amma's choot. Then I placed my hands on her bent knees ,looked in her eyes and asked "chod doon thuje.?" Maa was shivering with excitement and said “Jan laga key chudna beta, ma ho kay betay ki sath nangi soi hoon, mujhay niras mat karna. In the same position I thrust my hips forward and pushed my lund in her choot. As my knob went inside her already wet fuddi her fuddi lips were stretched to the full extent. Maa in her excitement moaned " aa ja beta mere upar char ke chud." On hearing this with my lund still in her choot I bent forward and placed my elbows on the sides of her chest. Then with both my hands I grabbed both her boobs. Now I was looking directly into her eyes and down with one thrust of my hips I inserted my full lund inside my ammi's choot. Now that my lund was fully inside her choot after the initial excitement and anticipation we finally came to the actual fucking and I started fucking my amma in right earnest. Meri ma apni thono pair meri pith(back) ki upar uthakey lock kar diya.Thora der chudney ki bad ma ham ko eak jhatka mey apni nichay la liya or meri upar char key kuttay ki tara hum ko chudney lagi. Thora der key bad mera sas phul gaya lakin ma ko kuch nahi hui or uo chup chap mujhay chudtey gayi or sukh latay gayi.
Mai ma ki bal kinchkey fir usko rokh paya. Tu mujhay mar dalay gi kaya? mai bora bora sas latay huya bola. Ma bola “kitna din o kay bad chudai ke sukh mil rahi hai mujhay, tujhay pata nahi hai beta”. Thik hai thora rukh ti hunt tu sas lay lay. Lakin eak bat sun lay kan kholkar, jaldi jaldi mal girayga to tujhay noch khunga mai. Avi or 10 minute tak chudai ki anand chaiya meri fuddi ko. Dekh avi vhi kitna phuli hui hai. Meri jharney mai time lagti hai. Mai bola “ma mera gala sukh gaya ”. Ma boli “thar ja kuch korti hoon. Bol kay apni eak chunchi mera mukh mey thus di or boli lay chus lay,

Avi dudh hai chunchi may. tujhay boli thi na eak din pilaungi. Lay aj pilay. Mai ma ki sophed ston ki kala nipple chusna chalu kartay hi ma ki ston say dudh nikal na suru ho gaya. Thora der pitay hi ma boli ab bas kar, apni bahan key liya vi thora dudh rakh mera chunchi may. Ghar may ja key uski mu may kaya dungi meri muth. Mai bola ma “bahut maja lagh raha hai chus chus key dudh pinay may or thorasa piney day na. Ma boli chup harami, ma ki dudh vi piagi or fuddi vi maraygi. Mai bola “ma or thora sa piney de na, mai tere payar parta hoon”. Ma boli “lo samjho itna din say uska uska kay apney ma ko kapray uthakey apney upar chapney key liya majbur kiya or avi motherchod ko srif dudh pina hai. Sala nangi jab hui hu, tujhay ji vorkey chudkey phir chroungi. Ammi fir chudna chalu kia. Mai thora dher key bad fir bola “ma itna jor say mat chud mujhay mal girjayaga. Thora sa sas vi layney dey mujhay”. Tu samjha kar ma meri pahali dafa hai.” Ma rukhi or tora sant hui. Phir meri hotomay jor jor chuma detey hua boli “ sala pahali dafa mayhi ma ki fuddi marli motherchodney. Phir meray kano may fisfisa ke boli “lay chal suru ho ja. Is bar last time. Giradey mal ma ki fuddi may. Tu Jor jor sas lay mai dakhki marni chalu korti hoon. Thik tara sey kar payga to aj rat teri bahan ko vukha rakhkey meri chunchi ka pura dudh rat vor tujay piney dungi.
Jor jor 5 6 bar dakhka khaney ki bat mai ar na rakh paya, mai ma ki ankh ki taraf dekh tay hi ma samaj gayee. Meri kano may chilla kar boli “dakhka mar mar key girana beta, dakhka mar mar key girana” Yea bolney ki bad ma mera gal may danth gar diya. Mai jor jor dakhka lagatey hua mal giradi ma ki choot may. Ma chila uthi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa. Uskey bat tora der ma hum ko dhiray dhiray say chumi, fir ma uthkey kapra parni chalu kia. Mai bola ma thora sa rukh ja na. Ma boli mera to kaam ho gaya or rukh kay kaya faida? Gharmay bahut kaam para hai beta. Ma apni nangi badan may kapra daltey daltey boli “ tu mukh udhar kar na maujhay teray samney kapra pahanney may saram athi hai. Mai bola ma tunay to aj mujhay teri saram day di hai. Phir kaya saram. Ma boli “meri kaam to puri ho gayi, avi ma beta key bitch torasa saram varam ki duri hona achcha hi hai. Mai cholti hun beta tu thoray bad nikalna khet say” bolkey ma chal pari. Mai pichasey pucha phir kob degi ma. Ma jatay jatay haskey boli jitna ras pilaya oh to hajam kar pahalay. Bad may dekhungi. Sala motherchod, roj is ko ma ki fuddi ki garmi chahia. Ma bajray ki khet say nikal pari. Mai apna pajama ki taraf dekha. Ma ki ras say pura viga hua tha. Ma ki fuddi ki narmi ki baray mey sochtey sochtey mai vi nikal para.
Khet se jab ghar loti tab mujko bahut weak mehaysus ho raha tha isi liya mai so gaya. Nidh jab tuti tab ghari may 5 baja tha. Ma ko dekh nahi pa raha tha. To usay dekh ney ka liya kitchen may gaya. Dekha ma paros ki Mena mausi ko (jo ki ma ki sab se achcha dost thi or ma usay har bat share karti thi) kuch mayra baraymey bol rahi hai. Mai chup chap kitchen ki bahar khara rai ke sun raha tha.
Mena: such much tuney apney beta se chudwaiya. Mujhay to biswas e ho nahi rahi hai.
Ma: Bahut din say harami meri choot ki taraf dekh raha tha ghoor ghoor ke. 19 baras umar ho gaya uski, Ab bachcha thori hai. Itna mota lund ho gaya hai uski. Aj bajrey ki khet me sula-e liya usay. Or raha nahi gayi mujhsay.
Mena: Tera mard jan gaya to. Tujhay dar nahi laga?
Ma: Kaisay janega. Oh to sahar gaya hua hai. Mai vi is mouka ki talas may thi. Aj ji vorkey chudwa liya harami say.
Mena: tujhay saram nahi hui. May vi meri bata ajay say marwaney ki kosis may thi eakbar lakin saram or dar ki maray bol nahi payee.
Ma: sun mera mard to bahut sal se namrad ho gaya hai. Or is umar may mai usay koi dosh vi nahi de sakti. Or mera choot may aaag lagi raithi hai har bakth.
Kai se bujhati aag bol? Ghar me beta jawan ho gaya hai, mujhay ghur ghur key dekhne lag gaya hai. Khet may akela mila, chud li. Bahut bora guna kia kaya? Tu hi bol? Ma honey se kaya choot ki vukh mit jati hai? Oh bahut dino ke bad harami ka lund dekhi aj sala umar hai 19 baras or lund eak hath.
Then I herd ‘Meena Mousi’ and my mom both started laughing very loud together. I came back to my room and started to do my school home work. At night when she served dinner for us she behaves like nothing was happened between us. She was ignoring me totally. I felt that after fulfilling her needs she was trying to bring the normal mother and son relation between us.
I knew from her behavior that I am not getting any sex from her soon. I was thinking that when my father will be returning from the city and my grandpa and grandma will return from the relatives house there will be no chance for me to have sex with her. I became very frustrated.
At night I tried to sleep but I could not. I became very horny thinking about the afternoon incident.
I came out from my room and sat near the empty space outside my room to enjoy the cold night breeze. Suddenly I saw that my mother’s bed room door was opening and my mom came out from the room. She was going towards the bath room. She saw me and asked “kaya ray avi tak nid nai aye tujhay”. I did not answered her question but asked “ma khal khet may ayagee”. She said “nahi aha paungi beta”. I followed her to the bathroom and asked “kiu nahi ayagee kal tu?” “parsu tera papa aney bala hai or ghar me bahut kam para hai” she said disappointing me. She new I was unhappy. She entered the bathroom and closed the door. I was coming back to my room. Suddenly she called me inside the bathroom. I went near the closed bathroom door. She opened the bathroom door and tried to say something but then changed her mind and said “nahi chor” Mai boli Bol na ma kaya? She hasited a bit but when I insisted again she said in a husky voice “mut khaygi meri ? I did not got the meaning but immediately said yes. She then said “thik hai chup chap bathroom key pichay bala hissay mey chali aa” I followed her to that place. She became very horny right from the moment when I said “yes.”
Uski sas phul rahi thi uttejana sey. Ma boli “jaldi jaldi pair murkey baith ja is jameen pe”. I follwed her order. I did not understand what she was going to do. She then hold my hairs in her left hand and apna dan hato sey apni sari uthali our meri mukh uski choot may laga diya. Ma ki choot may mukh daltey hi thora sa khut gandh meri nak may aaya. Lakin us kut gandh ney mera kamukta or vi bara diya. “Jada time nahi hai mera pass chusna chalu kar jaldi” ma boli. Mai pagolo ki tara uski choot chusney laga. 10 minutes tak pagolo ki tara ma ki coot chusa, eakdam andar tak. Uskey bat ma boli
“bas bas or chusa to mai pagal ho jaungi. Sun mai apni mut thora thora kar key chor rahi hoon. Teray piney me subidha hoga. Fir ma thora thora kar key mut chorti rahi or mai peyasa ki tara ammi ki mut peta raha. Uski mut khatam honey ki bad vi mai 5 minute tak uski choot choosta raha. Phir ma boli “chal apna lund bahar kar.” Usney meri lund(cock) chusna suru kiya. It na jor jor awaj kor key chus rahi thi oh, key mujhay dar lagney laga ke sara gaun (villege) jag jayaga. Mai jada der rakh na saka or ma ki mu mey pura ka pura jhar diya. Usney puri ki puri mal pi li. Uskey bad boli “ma beta dono ki payas bujhi. Ab chal apney apney ghar mey soney chaltey hai”.
Our sun porsu teri babuji lot rahi hai sahar se. unkey aney ke bad yeah sab gandha khel eakdam bandh. Mai pucha tab fir kab degi. Ma haskey boli agli bar jab teri babu sahar jayaga.
Dusra din subah mai ma ko boli “babu to kal sahar sey ayaga tu aj eakbar last time aah na khet mey khana deney ke liya”. Ma boli dekhti hun. Lakin mujhay laga ma ko aney ki man nahi hai. Sayad uski vukh khuch dino key liya mit gayee, yeah oh or risk lena nahi chahati thi.
Mai do pahar ko uskey liya bahut wait kiya lakin oh nahi ayee. Jab mai soch liya key oh nahi aiegi tab achanak dekha oh aha rahi hai. Lakin mujhay usay dekh ke khusi nahi hui kiu key uske sath Meena Mausi vi thi. Mai socha ke ma sayad mujsay or chudwana nahi chati hai isiliya Meena Mousi ko lay key aayee hai. Ma or meena mousi jab khana khaney key liya bulaya tab mai eakdam nakhus ho kar unkey pas gaya. Ma khana deyne key bad Meena Mousi key sath gappey marti rahi or mai gussay se chup chap khana khata raha. Ma key sath eak vi bat nahi kiya. Khana khaney ki bad dekha Meena Mousi dhiray dhiray bajray ki khet mey ghus gayi. Mai socha mut ne gayee hogi.
Mai khet mey lotne hi bala tha achanak ma bulaya “beta kal bali jayga pe teri Meena Mousi teray liya wait kar rahi hai”. Mai kuch samaj na paya. Bola kiu. Ma haske boli “usko vi marwani hai tujsay jaldi ja.” Mai bola “tu nahi chudwaigi aj? Ammi boli “na re aj se meri mahina chalu ho sakti hai”.
Mai bola “ma Meena mousi to bahut kali or moti hai or o 5 bachchay ki ma vi hai”. Ma gusay mey ahaker boli “array 5 bachchay ki ma honey say kaya choot ki jawla bhuj jati hai”? Mai fir vi bola “ma meena mousi to bahut moti hai , oh meri upar chapey gi to mai mor jaunga. Ma ankah bora bora kar ke boli “khuch nahi hoga. Array
uski mard Surindar mousa ko tu janta hi hai or oh to teray say vi patli hai. Tab?? Meena ko chudtey huya oh mor nahi jati kaya abtak? Mai tab bola “ma oh Surinder mousa sey chudwati kiu nahi hai.” “Aray uskey T.B huya hai na isi liya avi chud nahi pata. Array tu humko gussa mat dila mai kal usay bachan di hai.” “Lakin….ma” mai kuch bol ne ki kosis me tha. “Aray ja na beta oh wait kar rahi hai or mai usay bol diya hoon terey ko bahut dher tak stan pilaygi. Or tu dekha nahi, uski kitni bari bari chunchi hai eakdom footbol ki tara. Uski chunchi maslake bahut aram milayga tera hato ko.Our sun uski man nahi dukhaiga. Tu to janti hai meray sabsey achcha dost hai oh. Usay vi meri tara khus karna hai tujhay. Bechari teray ko pilane kay liya kal say apni munni ko vukha rakh rakh kar ston mey dudh jamayee hai. Ja jaldi ja. Mai dhiray dhiray bajray ki khet may ghusa.
Andar kal bali jaga par jake dekha Meena mousi meray liya wait kar rahi thi. Hum ko dekh ke boli “ahaa beta Deepak mera pass ahakey baith”. Mai unke pass ja kar baith gayee. Meena mousi boli le beta “thora mu mitha kar” bolke tho ghar ka banaya hua laddu diya hum ko khaney ke liya. Mai kha liya. Phir oh boli “mera or thora pass aaa kar baith na” bolkey mera hath tankey eakdam unke pass kinch liya. Phir usney thora der tak idhar udhar ki batey kiya- jaise mera parai kaisa chal raha hai,? or mujhay kaya keya khana achcha lagta hai…yeah sab. Phir Meena mousi ney mera balonko saheylaney lagi or achanak mera kan mey fusfusa ke boli “ beta aj dudu piney ka man nahi kar raha hai kaya?
Mai thorasa hasa or laj se bola “nahi”. Tob Meena mousi boli “kiu kal to apni ammi ki chunchi chus chus ke khali kar dia tha aj itna vola tu kaisay ban gaya ray? Meena mousi ka hat dhiray dhiray meri pant ki andar chali gahee or mera loura dabana chalu kar diya. “Tera ammi ki dudh bahut mitha hai na ray beta? Meri lund say khel ti hui mousi ney boli. Mai sarmake jameen ki tarf mu kar key baithi rahi. Fir mera kano mey fisfisa key boli “apni Meena mousi ki dudu nahi chakhe ga eakbar? Tera Surindar mousa ham ko eakbar bola tha ki meri dudu teri ma sey vi mithi hai”.
“Ma ney kal jada nahi di mujko” mai bola. Meena mousi haskey boli “isi liya to teri ma kal humko boli mera beta piyasa rai gaya hai, hai Meena tu ja key usko ji vorkey pila dena. Lay may apni chunchi nikalti hun bolkey Meena mousi apni blouse kholney lagi. Blouse kholtay hi Meena mousi ka bara bara tho chunchi jump karkey bahar nikal gayee. Kala kala bora bora ston thi uski.
Or uski nipple ki size to mano golazamun ki tara thi. Ma ki nipple say vi bora or fula fula and uneven.
Mai apney apko rokh na payaa or pagolo ki tara chusna or dudh pina chalu kia. Meena mousi has key boli “pet may itna vukh hai mu mey itna laj. Kha beta kha, mai to teri ma jaisi hi hu, or ma ki dudh apni santano ke liya hi to hoti hai. Mai pagolo ki tara Meeena Mousi ki chunchi say dudu pi ja raha tha. Lakin mousi ki ston me inti dudh thi
ki sala jina hi pio khatam hi nahi ho rahi thi. Mousi vi mera khara or sakt lund ko dabatey dabatey bor ho rahi thi. Achanak usney boli “beta eak sath pura dudh piney say maja kam milta hai thora thora kar ke pina chahia. Lakin unki bat mera kano me nehi ja raha tha or mai pita hi ja raha tha.
Meena mousi ney mujhay rokha or mera mu say apni ston kinch liya. Fir usney meri matha me hath rakh ke boli “beta tu jina chahe pi lena lakin meri choot pura gila ho chuka hai or tera lund vi eakdam khara kar li hai masla masla ke, chal pahelay oh kam kar layte hai . Mai bola achcha . Meena Mousi boli “to mai sari utha layti hoon, tu vi apni pant khol ley. Mai pant utar tey hi mera lund eakdam khara ho gaya. Dekha mousi apni pith ke bal so gayee hai jameen par or apni pair failake pura ready hai.
Mousi boli “chal mera raja beta char ja mera upar or dal dey teri lund meri gaddey mey”. Mai bahut asani say apni lund Meena mousi ki fayli hui choot me dal diya. Meena mousi boli “beta jor jor say marna or chuma le le key marna”. Mai marna chalu kiya. Mousi ki gila choot se ‘chop’ ‘chop’ kar ke chudne ki sound ati rahi. Mai dhire dhire speed bara ti rahi. Mousi apni ap khus ho ke barbaraney lagi “ahhhhhhhhhhhh……….chudai ki anand sab sey alag or sab se nirala hoti hai.” Mai bahut jor jor se chud raha tha mousi ko, achanak pichay se awaj aye “avi tak hua nahi tum logo ka, mai or kitna der itni dhup me tumlogo ko pahara dungi”.
Awaj se pata chala pichay mera ammi ahayee hui hai. Mai ma ko dekhtay hi chudi band kar diya. Ma hum ko boli “tu kiu rukh gaya, tu apna kam chalu rakh”. Meena mai thora idhar baith ti hun or tum dono nanga nangi ki chudai dekhti hu. Is bajre ki khet ke bahar bora dhup hai.Tumay koi aitraj? Meena mousi boli “thik hai lakin tera beta sarma to nahi jaiga. Ma boli “kal isi jaga par isko nichay sulake chudi hun tab nahi sarmaya aj kiu sarmaega”. Mai ma ko bola “ma thora mut ke dikha na eakbar, meena mousi ko eakdam khus kor dunga”. Ma boli “janti ho meena isko mera mutni itna
achcha lagta hai ke keya bolu. Kavi mey agar bathroom me na ja kar bahar khet me mut ne ke liya nikalti hoon to motherchod pichay pichay thik kuttay ke tara suk suk ke aj jata hai. Ma ki mutmey viga hua choot isay bahut passand hai. Kal rat ko to meri choot me mu laga ke meri mut vi marli harami ne.” mai fir bola “ma thora samne baith ke mut na meena mousi ko chud chud ke pagal bana dunga”. Ma boli thik hai bolke thora dur ja kar mera taraf ghum ke pair murke baith gayee or fir apni sari apni komor ki taraf uthake humko boli “sala harami ma ki choot dekhay bina tujhay khana haajam nahi hota kaya.”
Ma ki choot dekhtey hi mai pagolo ki tara Meena mousi ko chudna chalu kia or mousi uhhhhhhh…..maaaaaaaa……mai mor jaoungi ………..choot fat jayageeeee….. bol key chillaney lagi. Tin char minute bad mai ma ko chilla ke bola “mut ma mut”. Ma mutna chalu kia or ma ki ‘mut tapakta choot’ dekthtey hi mai vi apni mal Meena mousi ki choot me jhar di. Fir mai Meena mousi ki upar so ke thora der tak uski dudh vi pili.
Ma boli “keya kar raha hai beta ab chor uski chunchi, ghar me uski tho dudh ki bachchi hai. Thora sa to dudh rakh uski chunchi me”. Meena mousi boli “aj usko mat dant, humay bahut sukh diya hai tera beta ne bahut dino bad. Aj usay ji vorkey piney de. Kha beta kha, mujhay aj ji vorke piley tu. Tuney aj jo sukh dia uske liya mai apni munni ko aj vukha rakh sakti hun.”
Ma boli “thik hai aj teri munni ko meri pas leke ana eak bar, mai apni munni ko thora kom deke teri munni ko pila dungi. Akhir hamari munni o ka bap to eak hi hai “bolke jor se has pari”. Ma fir boli “Lakin Meena isay or kavi dudh nahi pilana, nahi to roj roj teri chunchi mey mu mar ney ke liya tera pichay pichay ghumna chalu kar dega. Bahut harami hai mera beta tujko bol deti hun ”.
Meena mousi boli “meri chunchi me aj tak kam logone mu mara hay kaya jo mai dar jaungi.” Tu bhul rahi hai ki mai 5 bachchi ki ma hu. Tera beta agar merai chunchi me mu maraygi to mai vi tera beta ki lund mar dungi. Ma or Meena mousi dono eaksath milkey bahut jor se has pari
. Thora der bad sab ney apna apna dress pain liya or apni apni ghar ki taraf chal diya. Jate jate ma boli sun beta tera bapu kal aaa raha ha or meri sas sasur vi kal lot raha hai. Mai or tu jo kiya is do din mey oh sab tujhay vul jani hai. Roj mai jaise tujhay meri chunchi or or choot dikata hoon aisay hi dikhati rahungi lakin or kuch nahi milagi thik hai na. mai bola ha. “Lakin ma or kavi tu hum se nahi marwaigi”. Ma boli “fikar mat kar, mai thik mouka dekh dekh ke teray sey marwaliya karoungi. Marwaney ke leya teri ammi har bakth taiyar raiti hai. Tera bapu to bahut sal se na-mard ho gaya tha. Tu jab chota tha tab mai Meena ki mard Surinder se apni marwalati thi or soch ti thi kab mera apna beta jawan hoga. Lakin avi to mera beta jawan ho gaya hai or chudi vi sikh gaya hai. Fir meray taraf muskuratey hua ammi ahista se boli “sala motherchood.”

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